BLUMARINA Suites & Plaza

Find Answers To Frequently Asked Questions.

What Is Blumarina Suites & Plaza?

–  Is a Modern Real Estate Development located in the commercial and leisure heart of Punta Cana.

Why Should I Invest In Punta Cana Financial Condos?

– 7% Annual Profitability.

– Revaluation of the properties in which you invest.

– Properties in the Caribbean next to the beach.

– No taxes under the benefits of CONFOTUR.

In How Many Apartments Of Blumarina Suites & Plaza Can I Invest?

– In all those that are available at the time of the investment.

When Did The Blumarina Suites & Plaza Construction Began? When Will It Be Done?

– It began on September 3th, 2018, and will be done by the end of 2020.

What Are The Payments Options?

– 5% of the total payment for the property offer.

– 15% At the time of the signing of the purchase promise.

– 30% During the Construction.

– 50% remaining with the financing and delivery of the unit.

At the time of completing the construction, we will deliver to the new investor the key to your apartment, as well as your title certificate of the property, which will facilitate receiving bank financing.

What Is The Minimum Amount To Reserve?

– You can reserve with 5% of the price of the chosen apartment.

What Taxes Should I Pay When Making My Investment?

– You will not have to pay any taxes.


– It is a dominican law of promotion to the tourist development that offers an exemption of taxes during 15 years.

Is There The Possibility Of Paying Everything In Advance? What Benefits Do I Get?

– Yes, you will receive a special discount.

What Does The Maintenance Payment Include? Are There Extra Cost?

– Security, cleaning of common areas and garbage collection. There are no extra costs.

How Can I See The Prices And The Availability?

– Prices and Availability can be found under the prices section of the web page.

To Whom Is Electricity Paid?

– You must contract the electricity service to CEPM.

What Should I Do If I Am Not A Dominican Resident?

– You do not have to do anything. You can buy just exactly like any other local in the country.

When Do I Start Receiving The Profits From My Investment?

– Immediately the property is built.

How Do You Guarantee The Annual Return Of The Investment?

– Through a Rental Pool Program.


Blumarina Suites & Plaza Is A Modern Real Estate Development Located In The Commercial And Leisure Heart Of Punta Cana.

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.


+1 (829) 748-5371

Monday to Friday - 08:30AM to 06:00PM